Millbrook First Nation Chief Bob Gloade seeks third term in Feb. 26 election

Millbrook First Nation Chief Bob Gloade, left, is seeking re-election Feb. 26. His challenger is Barry Gloade, right/Photo by Stephen Brake

Millbrook First Nation Chief Bob Gloade has only one person challenging him for top position in the upcoming band election February 26.

Barry Gloade, 58, who works as Director of Post Secondary Education for Millbrook is also former band councillor who served on council for 32 years before losing his seat in the 2014 band election.

Chief Gloade, 47, is seeking a third term as chief of one of the most financially successful band in Nova Scotia.

According to the Millbrook First Nation’s audit posted on the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada website, the band ended the 2014-2015 fiscal year with a surplus of $6.8-million.

Chief Gloade has a business degree in human resource management and industrial relations from Saint Mary’s University. He says his extensive experience in business has helped him guide his community in new business initiatives.

The Millbrook First Nation owns 51 per cent of a Hampton Inn hotel currently under construction at the Truro Power Centre. The band is also getting ready to develop the Shannon Park property in Dartmouth, N.S. later this year.

“I got into politics with the band for the primary reason to help out with the community,” Chief Gloade said in an interview Wednesday.

“I worked out of the community for a number of years. I left banking to pursue and focus more on the reserve and reserve politics,” he said.

Chief Gloade, who previously served on band council for 12 years before being elected chief, says he offers his community members his continued passion and dedication to his elected position.

“I commit to this community and to my position 100 per cent. I left a job at the bank. I stepped away from my other business that I had set up to focus my time entirely on this position here,” Chief Gloade explained.

Millbrook First Nation band members go to the polls to elect a chief and council Feb. 26/Photo by Stephen Brake.
Millbrook First Nation band members go to the polls to elect a chief and council Feb. 26/Photo by Stephen Brake.

Barry Gloade was unavailable for an interview when reach by Wednesday. However his campaign team sent a campaign brochure which outlines his campaign promises to votes if elected. Some of them include:

  • Providing a draft copy of the yearly band budget to all band members to address concerns before it is finalized
  • Form committees made up of band councillors, band staff and band members to review policies such as housing, education, health funding, employment and hiring
  • Push for a custom election code
  • Require companies bidding on public tenders to hire band members
  • Enforce conflict of interest policy at all band council meetings
  • Conclude outstanding land claims

Gloade has a BA in Economics and History from Saint Mary’s University

Candidates running for band council

There are 12 positions available on council. All current councillors are seeking re-election. They include:

  • Colin Bernard
  • Natasha Bernard
  • Bryan Brooks
  • Alex Cope
  • Adrian Gloade
  • Peter Gloade
  • Vernon Gloade
  • Gordon Johnson
  • Linda (Cookie) Maloney
  • Wark Markie
  • Barry Martin Sr.
  • Chris Nasson

The other 25 candidates running for a seat on council are:

  • K. Carla Asprey
  • Loretta Bernard
  • Tammy Bernard
  • Trish Glode-Chisholm
  • Theresa Hardgrave
  • James (Jamie) Howe Jr.
  • Dawn Howe-Power
  • Andrew (Andy) Johnson
  • Lloyd Johnson
  • Reanne Julian-Sylliboy
  • Keith Julien Sr.
  • Pius Knockwood
  • Dennis MacLeod
  • Justine Maloney
  • Lisa Marshall
  • Stephen Marshall
  • Teresa Marshall
  • Stacey Lee Marshall-Tabor
  • Justin Martin
  • Mattie Martin
  • Albert Phillips
  • Mark Yuri Stephens
  • Michael (Mikey) Stephens
  • Mary Martha Sylliboy

According to the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada website, Chief Gloade earned a salary of $81,000 and an honorarium of $47,500 during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. All councillors received an honorarium of $47,500 for the same fiscal year.

Nine out of the 12 councillors received an additional salary that ranged between $300 – $107,000 during the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Approximately 1,300 Millbrook band members are eligible to vote in the February 26 election.

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